About Us

About Us

Who we are and what we can do for you:

Quintillio recruitment services kicked off in 2008 by offering traditional recruitment within I.T. fields including e-Learning. Specific requests for contractors led Quintillio in to the world of ‘I T Contracting’ particularly within graphics. One notable success being the provision of a 3DS Max team of four within 7 days for the defence industry – duly completed and maintained for 24 months. By 2012 Quintillio provided sole recruitment to a number of companies ranging from Physical Security (CCTV – Cisco) to online Marketing and software houses. The completion of challenging recruitment criteria continue to be bread and butter; so if you are looking for a multi-lingual, graphics and website designer with a Masters degree and a background in power lifting – we’ll find you one. 2014 has a brought a new opportunity to Quintillio in the form of a new venture in the provision of outsourced graphics projects. To accommodate this a separate department has been formed under the name “Creative Solutions”. We represent, in the UK, a leading software house able to turn around graphics & 3D projects where quality and speed are not compromised by highly competitive pricing. Recruitment continues to be the focus of Quintillio whilst the addition of complementing services responds to the dynamics of the market.

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What you as a candidate can expect from Quintillio:

Recruitment as a service – but to who ? Recruitment services are always paid for by our clients, so to you it’s a free service. However, that does not mean we are working solely for our clients; what is a recruiter without ‘you’ our candidates ?

Here, at Quintillio, we endeavour to offer you, the candidate, a career service. That means that we tell you about the position and the potential employer from the first step. We prepare you for first and subsequent interviews and give you post-interview feedback.

Often we will ask you to complete a Pre Interview Questionnaire (PIQ). This gives you the chance to sell yourself through examples of your past achievements and add additional information that a concise CV simply can not contain. We find that CV + PIQ = interview.

Your CV: if you would like help with your CV we are happy to work with you in producing a good CV with impact. If you are just looking for a “what do you think?” email your CV, call us and we’ll let you know.

Career Guidance: we are not career councillors but if you would like a friendly chat about possible opportunities or just want to know when future jobs in your field come up, get to know one of our team and build up a relationship.

Career Guidance: we are not career councillors but if you would like a friendly chat about possible opportunities or just want to know when future jobs in your field come up, get to know one of our team and build up a relationship.



What your company can expect from Quintillio:

We start from the premise that any fruitful relationship relies on communication. This is no less true of recruitment. So we put ourselves in your shoes – what is it you want from us ? Fairly simply, you want the perfect candidate for a specific role in as short a time frame as possible. You do not want to place adverts, wade through largely inappropriate CVs and spend days chasing up blind allies. That is what you pay us for: the provision of carefully sourced and well briefed candidates able to move rapidly through your interview process.

What we ask from you is an accurate job description, good two way communication, in the form you prefer (e-mail, telephone, etc.) and a good understanding of where your business has come from and where it is going – we have to sell you to our candidates after all.

We welcome qualifying tests, particularly useful in identifying ‘techy’ candidates, graphic designers etc or presentations for first interview within Sales or Marketing areas. We also widely use ‘Pre Interview Questionnaires’ to obtain pertinent information and examples to back up workplace experience. This also covers a candidate’s aspirations, achievements and career goals. Often it amounts to a first stage interview process which means you can rapidly cut to the chase when you meet the candidate for the first time.

If this stacks up with you, please call and let’s see if we can exceed your expectations.



We create best opportunities for your business.

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